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Madan Lal

Manager Message

Dear Friends

Minda Bal Gram is an expanse of love, care and protection for children who have been deprived of these basic necessities. Children, due to their tender age and lack of maturity are one of the most vulnerable categories of the society. They are often, voiceless too. This vulnerability increases if children are deprived of their basic needs of healthy food, safe shelter, quality education and opportunities for overall development.

In the past 19 years residents of Minda Bal Gram have shown us the immense possibility of growth and development they possess and helped us streamline our collective approach towards child centric policies. We understand, not all children are meant for academics some want to try their hand for a career in sports, fashion designing or hotel management.

In a long term institutional care organisation the challenges are plenty but it is the team spirit and family like atmosphere that motivates every team member to put in something extra each and every time.

I sincerely acknowledge the efforts put in by the Minda Bal Gram Team members and also of many individuals and institutions that have provided programme based support to help our children in their holistic development.

Madan Lal

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