SPARK MINDA group of industries




Every child deserves a safe and secure childhood so that s/he can develop intellectual, practical and spiritual capacities to lead a meaningful adult life and contribute in national building.


To provide conditions that help children to develop their full potential in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.

Core Values – Five D – Panchatatva

  • Discipline: A well behaved manner that follows sincerity
  • Dedication: A complete commitment towards our work
  • Determination: A well planned learning process with deep earnestness
  • Devotion: A deep love towards the whole programme and activity
  • Desire: A cavernous wish with surety to meet the goal and being triumphant


  • To provide care to "children in need of care and protection" and to establish facilities for institutional care for such children in a family like environment.
  • To promote education, both academic and vocational training and to establish educational institutes and vocational training institutes.
  • To provide training in life skills, soft skills, personality development, entrepreneurship, organic farming, agriculture, animal rearing for the development of rural areas.
  • To provide individual, family and group counselling in areas including health, hygiene, finance and social issues.
  • To help the youth to set their goals according to their skills through counselling, orientation programmes, seminars and workshops.
  • To promote SHG for rural folk, including women to empower them socially and economically.
  • To promote gender equity and promotion of livelihood, micro finance and micro enterprises.
  • To provide for health facilities, conduct medical research and provide training in the related fields of medical sciences.
  • To form, establish, register and manage schools, hospitals, hostels, training institutes, staff and employee/ officer’s residences and similar facilities.
  • To promote education, training and research in the field of environment and its safety
  • To promote value based education, training and research.

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